Friday, November 23, 2007


Hey! I'm Samantha, I'm seventeen, and I live in Florida (USA). I found Gimme Your Stuff earlier today and I'm already really excited to start swapping with people. I'd love to hear from anyone, anywhere.

What I'd love to receive:
- Candy (any kind, seriously. chocolate is my favorite, but i'm not picky.)
- Anything typically from your country
- Local magazines and newspapers
- Notebooks or journals
- Pens
- Ribbons
- Cookie cutters
- Holiday themed items
- Bags
- Books
- Pictures

What I could send:
- American candy (any kind - specify if there's something you want, or let me surprise you)
- Magazines, newspapers, and postcards
- Mix CDs of local music
- Local souvenirs and crafts (I live in Florida, on the beach and about an hour away from Disney World, so there's no shortage of these)
- Girly accessories
- Holiday themed items
- Pictures
- Anything else you might be interested in. Just ask, and I'll tell you what I can do.


Francesca said...

Hi, i'm an italian girl, i'm 24 years old. Would you like to swap with me?
My list is on; leave me a comment or send me an email at
See you soon

agnetha said...


My name is Agnetha. I'm 29 years old living in Sweden. Would you be interested in a swap with me?? Contact me at:


misschewy said...

hi there

would love to do a swap with you. I'm from singapore.
i can get you most of the stuff you are asking for

in return i'd like some fabric, buttons and vintage pin up calender if possible =) if you are interested please mail me at

Makiyo said...
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JAS said...

Jaslyn, singapore! (:

suzanne said...

would love to give u a surprise !

Bekki Ramsay said...
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Bekki Ramsay said...

Hello, I'm unsure if you're still doing this as it was a couple of years ago but I am very interested in doing a swap! I'm called Bekki and I live in the UK. If you'd like to swap, please message me at

I hope to hear from you!

Crafty_Witchy_Girl said...

Hi! I am Cibele from Brazil. I am not able to send swap as it can be really expensive. But I have been looking for someone around Orlando who would like to be penpals for a longterm frienship. Maybe in the future, if things get better we can arrange a swap. If you like penpalling, please contact me!